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1- School Construction

Rei Company continuously strives to improve and maintain the best quality and conditions of its school facilities to support the learning environment for students and staff, and for the use of schools by the greater community. This webpage provides information regarding current major school capital projects that are underway and finished projects. The recent project with USA Army in corporation, Rei Company built a modern Schools Check the link Below for more info:

Our Projects


2- Road Construction

Road construction services from REI Company tests and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products.
Roads must be durable and safe otherwise they present a danger to their users and the environment, as well as increasing repair costs. Rei Co have sufficient experience in the road construction that provide efficient and reliable road construction.



3- Hospital Construction

Advancing in healthcare technology to changing patient demographics and reimbursements, institutions like yours are facing revolutionary transformations affecting the delivery of efficient, patient-centered care. When these changes result in the need for updates or a new facility, you can turn to Rei Company for healthcare building solutions that are innovative, efficient and plan for the unique construction challenges of the healthcare market, whether its small or medium sized building. for instance: Clinic centers, Diagnostic center, Local Hospitals



4- Big Hall Construction

Rei Company is a full-service construction firm dealing with all aspects of construction, from the initial design to the client’s complete satisfaction. Our team will oversee your project from start to finish ensuring that every aspect is handled safely, efficiently, and to the highest quality. We coordinate it all and make certain that every detail is looked after exactly as specified.